March 7, 2011


It has been a long but amazing weekend at the lab.  It started Friday putting the finishing touches on our part in the happy post project installation at SOWA.  Then doing the installation with Marian Diogurdi and John Borchard, two super talented artists at SOWA. Everybody who came out really dug the project, the response was great.

Then back to the lab to continue the preparation for All-Bright Boards at SXSW.  We spent a lot of time burning new boards and experimenting with different methods of getting the best results.  Thankfully we didn’t totally destroy any boards in the process. I guess that means we’re learning. Some of the processes we tried out were fairly tedious but all of them were well worth the results.

Huge ups goes to the local artists Tim Moores, TofuSquirrel, Shanna Maclasco (aka WhiteNoise) who submitted the designs that we have been cutting. It is really inspiring to live in a community with so many talented people across so many different mediums and to see them come together on a project is fully amazing.  Can’t wait to embark on the next step later this week!


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