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March 2, 2011

So we’re hitting the road. Nadeem, Steve and I are heading on an epic adventure down to the massive state of Texas for this year’s SouthbySouthwest music festival. For those not akin to the festival, it’s a week long event held in Austin, TX in middle of March, conveniently placed during most colleges spring break vacations. The festival holds around 9 billion shows during the course of the week with bands as underground as “Mammoth Grinder” all the way up to Yoko Ono, and Erykah Badu. Every indy band from Boston to Los Angeles is gonna be trying to go to this festival this year. The line ups are massive, the showcases are going to be bombastic, and with the ever changing climate in the music industry, who KNOWS what’s going to happen.

Anyways, this year, AllBright Skateboards and Serious Business are teaming up with G-House Management to put up a massive skateboard display at the Austin Museum of Art on March 17th-19th. The event will feature 25 of our brand new NEVER before sold skateboard designs. The event will be live streamed in collaboration with Serious Business, through Facebook’s streaming service. The event, titled The Boston Family Dinner, will feature many of our good friends playing in Grass is Green, Art Decade, Super Volcano, as well as our very own Jenny Tuite in the Dirty Dishes. If you’re going to make it out to Texas this year, you HAVE to check out the event. Find out more here!

Now, I leave you with a quick link to something I discovered over the weekend.
I made it to level 18, score of 1664, with 94% accuracy. boom son.




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