Happy Post Kickstarter Shooting

February 1, 2011

Alright!  After seeming endless pre-production we finally started shooting the happy-post kickstarter tonight.  It was a really positive experience and should lead to really great results.  I think that  Serious business’ first kickstarter is going to be a resounding success-mostly thanks to the passion that Mario Chamorro has for the project, he really keeps us going and the morale high through repetitive takes.

We also got help from some new blood at serious business, that being Emily Badger who was kind enough to come in and be a part of the video.  The best thing about working at serious business is being constantly surrounded by such talented people like Emily and the regular crew.  The energy and drive in the room becomes tangible and really inspires people to be at their best.  I hope we can continue to collaborate with more gifted and lovely people in the future and am sure there are great things on the horizon for Serious Business.

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